CompTIA Network+ Passed!

I got out of bed at 12:30 AM to study because I knew I wasn’t prepared. I studied from that point in the morning until I absolutely had to leave for my 8:30 AM exam. The proctor at the testing center could not connect with the Pearson VUE system. It took 30-45 minutes for them to get me ready. While taking the test I did not feel confident about my performance. I was certain I had failed my first exam. But I didn’t! Those early morning hours of cramming definitely made the difference between passing and failing. I have no doubt about it. I need to learn to stop procrastinating. Bonus Achievement – UNLOCKED! I never understood what Stackable Certifications from CompTIA or other vendors were. It surprised me to see that, after completing both A+ and Network+, I am now granted one – the status of CompTIA IT Operations Specialist. I don’t know what to think about that except that it probably can’t hurt on the résumé. Behold: